About Me

Hi there! Who am I? You may wonder? I’m a dreamer, a father of 3, and a technology enthusiast. I enjoy learning and experimenting .I don’t have a favorite brand when it comes to technology. I love Microsoft just as much as Linux. I like to program in any language suitable for the problem in hand. I don’t believe in that one programming language can solve world hunger.  I currently work for a university in Philadelphia as an IT-manager. I love to create and I find challenges rewarding.   Surprisingly, I don’t come from the field of technology. I went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and received a Bachelor’s in Finance.  Approximately  7 years ago I became frustrated and picked up my first VBA(visual basic for applications) for excel book and the rest is history.
The theme of this blog is to keep things Simple. You see, keeping it simple in fact is harder than you think. It’s easy to let code run wild and finish with some unwieldy spaghetti code. To actually keep it simple it takes time to improve and look for the right algorithm/solution that will make the program run like butter on a hot knife. Hope you enjoy your stay here.