Fupload Excel Addin

I work for a university and we implemented an ERP system long ago. The name of the ERP? you may ask. Well at the time we implemented it was called Banner. Now the company was taken over by a company called Datatel. However that’s not what this article is about, lets get down to brass tacks. One of the most functional and useful pieces of software that an accountant can use is Excel. In fact I don’t know an accountant that does not use excel.  Banner system has a very convenient way to load journal entries into the system its called FUPLOAD. If you have a 500 line journal entry would you keyed it in? I hope not. We went live with Banner about 4 years ago and ever since then we have used one of the many FUPLOAD templates floating around. Continue reading “Fupload Excel Addin”

FRRGRNL How to query periods as rows.Simple Hack

If you ever had to write a query against the grant ledger (FRRGRNL) or even the operating ledger(FGBOPAL) I’m sure you have come across this little challenge. You have to start writing a massive decode statement to make your query get the right column. This can be challenging to say the least or a bit of a pain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just say something like?

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